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One of the great things about a Christmas tree that has been decorated by the family is the fact the finished look is truly unique. You friends, family and next door neighbours may have the same shatterproof Xmas baubles, including the same colours, but each arrangement, each combination, is going to be totally unique. Of course, we can’t help ourselves, so while I may have baubles that are red, black, silver, you may decide to use pink, green, purple, and this adds to the unique finish.

There’s such a wide choice in colours today. Apart from those already mentioned, you can buy blue, gold, chocolate, white, pewter, and cream baubles – all shatterproof and ready to hang. Don’t like the traditional baubles, what about glitter balls, icicles, mirror balls, or snowflakes! Now you can really express yourself when decorating that Christmas tree.

Our Christmas baubles are high quality and come in colour co-ordinated packs. There is a wide range of sizes finishes that will add both texture and depth to your Christmas decorating. The range is such that you can even theme your Christmas decorations this year. You can go for the traditional look with green, red and gold colours, or you can with an earthy blend of brown, green and cream. Why not really express yourself and create a theme that is you, mixing and matching your favourite colours and finishes to produce a decorated tree that has you all over it.

Decorating a Christmas tree is meant to be a happy and rewarding occasion. If it feels like a chore,then you’re not using the right colours – find some inspiration by looking at our catalogue of Christmas decorative items. Find your own Christmas mojo and express yourself – baubles, tinsel, ribbon with perhaps a few Santa sacks spread around – just have fun, you’ll be surprised at the finished results.

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