Create A Stunning Christmas Card Tree Using LED Christmas LightsNovember 8th, 2011 // Christmas Lights

Looking for something very different this Christmas? Here’s a novel way to show off your Christmas cards – and it makes a stunning Christmas decorative item. Better yet, it’s easy to put together every Christmas.

The requirements for this decoration are very simple. You need bare tree branches of varying lengths, a container to hold them upright (an attractive Christmassy vase looks good), clothes pegs or bulldog clips, LED Christmas lights – the 80 Blue LED Lights for £14.45 are perfect for this task, pebbles or glass marbles (too hold the branches in place in the container), small Christmas decorations such as small baubles, stars, or tinsel.

To put your Christmas card tree together, arrange the bare branches in your container and use pebbles or glass marbles to hold them in place (these also serve to stabilize the project). Carefully string your Christmas lights up and down the branches – if you use the 80 blue LED lights, there is 5 meters to play with, that’s plenty. Tie pegs or bulldog clips randomly around your Christmas card tree – these will be used to hold your Christmas cards. Finally, fill in the spaces with small Christmas decorations. Your Christmas card tree is ready to go.

There are a lot of novel uses for Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. If you use your imagination, you can create anything. A larger versions of the bare branch Christmas card tree makes for a very different Christmas tree, certainly one that will have your friends talking. You can use the same concept at a business Christmas function replacing Christmas cards with name tags for guests. A little imagination can take Christmas decorations a long way – just look at what they do to houses now with the humble Christmas lights.

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